Working for us

Our values


We are in the people business and play a supportive, partnership based role for both our national and local foodservice customers. Each of our personalities shines through the helpful, friendly and attentive way we connect with our customers.


We anticipate and respond to the needs of our customers. We are proactive in always looking for ways to enhance our service and achieve 100% resource recovery.


We take the long-term, big picture view ensuring that our business is sustainable and our service is of the highest quality. We are committed to our customers and the environment and in making sure that nothing is wasted.


We see challenges as creative opportunities, from optimising a round to introducing new services and knowing exactly the right products to recommend. We focus on creating the most efficient, effective and sustainable solutions for our customers and our business.


Our job takes more than just hard work. It requires experience, knowledge, wisdom and team work to ensure we provide the best quality products and services for our customers.